"INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS" of the Innovative Brand

Selva continued to expand its product range in 2016 with energy and the desire to offer consumers a healthier life.

The company completed the R&D studies of its “new” wheat germ pasta in 2016 and has added the vegetable pasta to the product range in the same year which has been prepared to be presented to small consumers. Another product Selva added to its portfolio in 2016 was pasta sauces. The company has been offering Arrabbiata, Basilico and Napoletana pasta sauces to customers without any preservatives in the sauces.

As in domestic market, product development work of Selva also continued for the foreign market. In this sense, the pasta with ink fish was developed for the far eastern market and became one of the important R & D outputs of the company.

180 Types of Products in 18 Categories,

Selva was on the way with only flour production in 1988; and has become a food company with 'Cereal Origin' which develops itself, its technology and its products. The company will meet with consumers in the coming period with the 'Gluten Free' and 'Organic' products, Wheat germ 'Children's Pastry' and the 'Ink Fish' pasta which is highly demanded from the Far East market, for which all the R & D works are completed in 2016. Selva cares about human life and produces healthy products that do not harm human beings and environment with this motto, reaches over 180 products in 18 categories with these new products to be added to the product range.

The First Pasta with Internationally Approved Taste And Quality

In addition to its success in the country, the quality and taste of Selva has been approved internationally. Selva has been rewarded with “The Superior Taste Award” by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), headquarters in Brussels, which is given to excellent quality food and beverages, in 2016 for the 4th time. Selva holds the title of first and only pasta brand in the world to receive the “Crystal Taste Award”, which indicates “The Consistency in Quality and Taste”, since it had won the “Superior Taste Award” three times in a row.

Selva has been the leader of innovation in the sector and always provided health and nutrition to people. In 2016, Selva has successfully passed the blind tasting experiments achieved by a group 120 chefs and tasting experts as it was in 2013, 2014, 2015. During the experiments, in which brand names were hidden, Selva’s pasta was evaluated according to first impression, color, odor control, the taste left in the mouth and product texture and won 3 stars 4 years consecutivelyfrom globally famous chefs.

In 2016, Selva has passed the consumer product tests with its TUBITAK project “pasta with wheat germ” and has been awarded with 'Silver' medal of Monde Selection which is one of the world's most prestigious institutions that operates since 1961. 

Branded Pasta Export Leader

Selva, exports its 3 main products, flour, semolina, and pasta, to more than 80 countries in 5 continents as of today, is the branded pasta exportation leader of Turkey since 2007. Having more than half of its revenue come from branded pasta exports, the company has adopted pasta export under Selva brand as its main strategy, and continued to have its leadership in branded pasta exports in 2016.