The most modern egg farm in Europe ...

Selet's Egg Production Facility is Turkey's most modern farm with the largest egg laying hen capacity under one roof according to EU norms. The farm with an investment value of 60 million TL is the first step of the growth plan of Selet in the field of agriculture-animal husbandry, targeting the branding in the egg. The plant has an annual egg production capacity of 310 millions.

Selet's egg farm is located at the Gödene location on the Konya-Akören Road, which has a total area of 194.450 square meters with 17,750 square meters closed area. Egg poultry farms, egg packing and sorting facility, liquid egg and pasteurization plant, feed factory, organic fertilizer fermentation and pelletizing unit, cold storage and social facilities are included in the 1 million egg hen capacity plant.

Egg production is carried out under natural conditions in the facility, with a capacity of 1,013,760 in the egg laying hen and 260,000 in the chick. There are Facco and Sanova brand, which are among the biggest equipment producers in the world, cages, sorting and packing equipments within the Egg Production Facility. The produced eggs are packed in fully automatic sorting and packing machine according to their weights without human touch.

Organic Fertilizer

Selet also produces powdered and packaged organic chicken stew with the aim of producing additional added value for egg poultry. Selet's laboratory, field studies, academic work, knowledge and experience have a history of about twenty years, with the last four years intensively on organic poultry breeding and fertilization techniques.

In the production of organic fertilizers, egg laying manure is used as fertilizer because of its structural nature as a main material. In order to enhance its functional properties, vegetable agricultural wastes are used as a by-product. The amount of organic matter is 60% commissioned by the fermented vegetable material supplement.