3. Istanbul, which is being built by a joint venture, including Seha Yapı in Basaksehir, Istanbul, with a gross revenue of 1 billion 42 Million TL, has been a morale for the sector with pre-launch sales. In the 3rd Istanbul, one of the most prominent residential projects of the year 2016, the sales office opened in November 2016,  which was flooded by visitors in the first two days, and the first stage of the project was sold completely before the launch, hence the project was launched with the second stage.

The 3rd Istanbul project bearing the title "Başakşehir's greatest project" with a size of approximately 330 thousand square meters, has a mixed structure of  three housing stages, residences, home office blocks, street stores and bazaar, by which it will serve its region too. There are a total of 1,063 apartments of different types and sizes, ranging from 2 + 1 to 4 + 1 in the housing stages of the project. This number increases to 1,274 in total together with the residences and home office blocks. There are also 117 street stores and 102 shops in the 3rd Istanbul project.

The 85 thousand square meters of the approximately 116 thousand square meters of total project area of 3. Istanbul has been reserved for green space, walking paths, sports facilities, social facilities. There are 3 different social facilities with a total area of 3,750 square meters, including two 1,500 square meters and 750 square meters in residence parcels. 3. Istanbul, which offers different and rich facilities from indoor swimming pools, SPA areas, PlayStation room to hobby workshops in its social facilities, will be the social meeting center of the region with Basaksehir City Square which is approximately twice the size of Taksim Square.

3. Istanbul is located in one of the cleanest areas of Istanbul's airspace with its air corridor. While the  largest botanical park of Europe and Başakşehir 3rd Istanbul Valley lay besides the project, Başakşehir City Hospital, the largest health complex in Europe, is also adjacent to the project. 3. Istanbul, located at the intersection of 3. Airport, 3. Bridge, Atatürk Airport, E-5 and TEM, is also a very important transportation center with the advantages of public transport such as tram, metro, bus and air rail.